BengalBasket Waitlist Deposit Agreement

Description of Kitten:
Breed:  Bengal   Color:                                 Sex:           

(if known) Sire:                                                     


On this date of                        , a non-refundable deposit of $300 is being paid by Buyer, in order to be placed on a waiting list for choosing a Bengal kitten for future purchase, or as a deposit on an already chosen kitten.  This $300 deposit will be applied towards the final purchase price of a kitten.

The Seller will notify first Waitlist Buyer when there are available kittens, and after notification, the Buyer will have 7 days to choose before the kittens are made available to the next in line, or to any interested buyer when Waitlist is exhausted.  Waitlist Buyer can always choose a kitten after the 7 days, if still available.

When kitten has been chosen and reserved, this $300 deposit becomes part payment for chosen kitten, until ready to go at 11 to 12 weeks old.  If Buyer changes their mind before reserved kitten is 9 weeks old, they will be placed back in the same position on the waiting list.  If change of mind occurs AFTER reserved kitten is 9 weeks old, this $300 deposit is forfeited, and cannot be applied towards another kitten, unless the reserved kitten can be sold for appropriate price by 12 weeks old.  A breech of contract, either verbal, written or through neglect or avoidance to communicate, on Buyer's part, can jeopardize the chance of finding the kitten a new home in a timely matter.  For this reason deposits are forfeited after a reserved kitten is 9 weeks old - to insure Buyer's commitment to give chosen kitten a good home (although most likely kitten can be sold by 12 weeks, in which case Buyer will still be on Waitlist).

  Seller: Waitlist Buyer:
Name, Date: Judy Kintzinger                                                                                      
Judy Kintzinger                                                                                      
Address: 711 S Few St #2-E                                                                                      
Madison, WI 53703                                                                                      
Phone: 608/255-6193                                                                                      

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