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Note:  These links are out-of-date - I need to review, and add more up-to-date links.

Bengals - A Breed Apart
Asian Leopard Cat, the Bengal's ancestor from at least 4 generations ago
Cat Clubs and Societies
TIBCS - The International Bengal Cat Society
TICA - The International Cat Association
CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association
Wisconsin Dane County Humane Society Helping Creatures Who Deserve Better
Magazine offers articles on various topics from breed profiles to health and behavior.
Poisonous Plants
Cornell University Poisonous Plants Informational Database
Non-Toxic Plants and Your Cat
Cornell Feline Health Center offers reader-friendly information by university experts.
Web site for American Board of Veterinary Practitioners which offers extremely specific information and is the only way to find one of the 60 US feline specialists.
Web site by the American Association of Feline Practitioners which features practical guides.  Although written for vets, the average person should understand.
Web site sponsored by the American Animal Hospital Association that features health-related cat information and referrals for member hospitals.
Feline CRF - Chronic Renal Failure
Bengal Cat Genetics
Cat Genetics Links
Yahoo! Groups bengalcatgenes



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