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I am a small in-home breeder.  Currently, I have only one 5th generation female, Heaven, that I breed to outstanding, top quality, stud cats from other, larger, catteries, and I am very particular with whom I choose to breed with.  My kitties are born and raised in my bedroom, until they have the run of my whole condo.  I usually have one litter a year, sometimes two.  Since I have only one litter at a time, with a small amount of kittens, each kitten gets lots of individual love and attention, which is important to develop an outgoing, confident, friendly purrsonality - they are very loving to humans at the time of adoption, and are in excellent health when they go to their new homes.  I keep up-to-date, and test my breeding queen(s) for all known Bengal health issues.  My breeding cats and kittens are my pets.  They are quite spoiled!  And, as far as stunning looks, I think my pictures say it all - I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Don't hesitate to call or email if you have questions.  Good luck finding your special kitty - if you found my web site, you're on the right track - you can't go wrong with a BengalBasket kitten!


I am a member of TICA and TIBCS.  All my Bengals are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), the largest registry of pedigreed cats.  For information about registration, the Bengal standard, and Cat Shows, see TICA.  For information about the Bengal breed, see TIBCS.



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