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Heaven Pedigree

     F-5 Heavenly Victorian Lace of BengalBasket
a.k.a. Heaven
a.k.a. Heavenly

TICA Pedigree Explanations

Registration Status Codes(1), called TICA Number on pedigrees:

0)   "00S mmddyy nnn”   =   ALC Asian Leopard Cat
1)   "A1S mmddyy nnn”   =   F1 First generation cross between an ALC and another Bengal, usually an SBT
2)   "B2S mmddyy nnn”   =   F2 Bengal that is two generations removed from the ALC
3)   "C3S mmddyy nnn”   =   F3 Bengal that is three generations removed from the ALC
4)   "SBT mmddyy nnn”   =   SBT Stud Book Tradition - any purebred cat that has 3 previous generations of same-breed to same-breed mating,,
for example, 3 generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding without an ALC

(mmddyy = birthdate, nnn = unique # assigned within birthdate)

As an example, follow from left to right, along the bottom of Heaven’s above TICA pedigree - 
from SBT to
C3S to B2S to A1S to 00S Malaki of Texasstar, an ALC - 
this makes Heaven an F5 Bengal, and her kittens are F6 Bengals.

TICA cat description is either BG/Brown for Bengal, or ALC/Brown for Asian Leopard Cat.

Following is list of title prefixes on cat’s name.  RW is regional winner, IW is international winner.

(1)see TICA Registration Rules, Registration Status Codes 36.8, page 23 -




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