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Heaven Pedigree
Heaven DNA

     F-5 Heavenly Victorian Lace of BengalBasket
a.k.a. Heaven, a.k.a. Heavenly
Leopard Spotted Glittered Bengal born 8/14/2013
Five generations from the Asian Leopard
Heaven produces outstanding, TOP quality Bengals.  
All of her kittens have been in excellent health, and not one of them has died at birth or otherwise - she really breeds healthy kittens.

daughter of:  RW SGC Snopride JungleJazz + F4 Katzmeow Elly of Oakland Hills 

see:  Pedigree 

see:  DNA Tests   [ DNA Color Test Explanation ]

2014 Vet Tests:           [ 2014 Vet Tests ]
1.  FeLV/FIV Negative
2.  Tritrichamonas Foetus PCR Negative for T.foetus, no Trichmonad organisms detected tested TWICE
3.  Giardia ELISA test Negative
4.  Chlamydia/Herpes PCR - Negative
5.  Fecal Float Negative

Heaven's litters:  [ 2-25-2015 ]   [ 9-8-2015 ]   [ 4-29-2015 ]   [ 7-31-2014 ]


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