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Madison, Wisconsin


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Madison, WI

~ Retired Mom ~
DCH Tapestry Winter of BengalBasket

(ACFA Double Champion, TICA Champion)
Seal Spotted Lynx Point "Snow" Bengal
birthday: 4/22/2002

Winter flew to me from Canada when she was 13 weeks old.  
She is a very lovey-dovey big girl - great for hugging and cuddling.  
She has a striking face, with strong facial markings, beautiful blue eyes, 
cute pink nostrils, and whiskers that curve downward.  
Winter is a "typey" Bengal with a solid body structure and nice thick tail, and 
she has good contrast for a lynx point.  She championed at her first TICA show.  
She loves to be naughty so she can get all the attention, and she loves to eat.  
She is my Wonderful Winter Wonderland cat - she is magical.

Polly, Congratulations and Thank You for rescuing Winter ! 


Madison, WI




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